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Little Jack Metal Adict Type 03 - 16g

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The real. Exactly bait movement
Exactly bait fish! You can fish a lot of fishes because you swim "straight". We developed a metal jig that refer to the swimming style of anchovy and does not rotate or act. Left and right asymmetric curved body moves slightly straight with a slight action. The target with low activity that eliminates excessive appeal, brings fishing results. This lure reproduces a weak sardine that slowly
falls while maintaining a horizontal posture even when it falls. Metal Addict 03 is an anchovy model that approaches by lifting and falling while riding on the tide and is closer to a fly of fly fishing than a metal jig. In addition, panic action with twitch and jerk can be performed like a top water plug.
The curved left-right asymmetrical real shape that gives a feeling of life, the irregular reflection of the surface due to the shape, and the silhouette at the time of fall. They make Metal Adict-03 appeal naturally. Adopts a semi-fixed large tinsel hook mounting system with two eyes on the rear that allows you to mount a large hook and set the hook closer to the main unit. The biggest feature is that it can be used with a large hook, and eliminates the entanglement between the line and the hook. By removing the rear hook, it is possible to perform irregular actions like a general metal jig.

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