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Ecogear - Teibo Jig II - 30g
  • Ecogear - Teibo Jig II - 30g

Ecogear - Teibo Jig II - 30g

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Ecogear - Teibo Jig II - 30g

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The Ecogear Teibo Jig II is an improved model of the first generation Teibo jig, which was mainly focused on shore casting for pelagic fish in Japan. The Teibo jig II has more suited to Australian anglers with it’s improved downfall jigging action and detailed baitfish colours.


This second generation of Teibo Jigs is not only made for cast and retrieve like metal slugs, you can also remove the treble and work it as a micro jig on Australian pelagic and shallow reef fish.


  • Length: 72mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Depth: 12-25m
  • Use as a metal slug for spinning up pelagics
  • Work as a micro jig on pelagics and demersals
  • Available in many colours
  • Has a beautiful flutter action on the downfall
  • Improved tapered body shape

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