hPa - Waterproof Bag HPA INFLADRY 25
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hPa - Waterproof Bag HPA INFLADRY 25

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A 100% waterproof bag, with the accessibility of a real backpack.

Whether it's for shore fishing, boat fishing or even stand up paddle fishing, Infladry 25 is the new must have from hPa.

  • 100% waterproof zipper
  • 100% waterproof front pocket
  • Made of TPU fabric (stays flexible even in cold weather)
  • Side MOLLE loops (accessories in the pictures are sold separately)


  • Height: 47 cm
  • Width: 29 cm
  • Thickness: 17 cm
  • Volume: about 25 Liters
  • Weight (without internal pocket): less than 1 Kg

The backpack comes with double-sided Velcro straps for attaching tubes, rods, ...

In order to maintain a good seal, the zip requires a minimum of maintenance (lubrication). A grease tube is supplied with the bag. Place a knob of grease in the clasp in the open position, and flip the zip to spread the lubricant over the zip. This will facilitate closing and ensure a good seal.

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