Pelagicwarrior - Gladiator Popper 125g
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  • Pelagicwarrior - Gladiator Popper 125g

Pelagicwarrior - Gladiator Popper 125g

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The oversized mouth and chunky body of this saltwater popper produces a massive splash and bobbing action which attracts predatory fish from afar. The big carved out eyes facing down also assist with impulse strikes.  Even in smaller sizes (80g, 100g) this surface popper can chug some serious water.  Due to its compact and stocky body, this popper also casts well against the wind, when necessary. We recommend using this lure in medium to choppy sea conditions.

  • 400kg stainless steel wire to stand up to the toughest fish out there
  • Each lure is tank tested and weighted
  • Owner swivels as standard with Japanese imported hologram stickers
  • Unique action and designs both the fish and the fishermen can't resist
  • 100% made and painted by hand
  • 14 coats of polyurethane with glow lasting up to 10 minutes when fully charged
  • High quality brass eyelet and stainless steel rear cap
  • Sustainable plantation hardwood
100g 3.5 oz 7.5 in 190 mm
125g 4.4 oz 8.2 in 208 mm
150g 5.3 oz 8.6 in 218 mm

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