Pelagicwarrior - Mongol Popper 125g
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  • Pelagicwarrior - Mongol Popper 125g

Pelagicwarrior - Mongol Popper 125g

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The Mongol saltwater popper is the newest addition to the PelagicWarrior popper range for 2017.  The design features a thinner cup with concave, flat sides and belly useful for calmer waters.  The center-weighted design of the lure allows for precise and accurate casts when needed.   With short, fast pumps the action leaves a foamy, bubble trail ideal for raising fish from the bottom and provoking impulse strikes. Recommended for moderate to calm water conditions.

  • 400kg stainless steel wire to stand up to the toughest fish out there

  • Each lure is tank tested and weighted

  • Owner swivels as standard with Japanese imported hologram stickers

  • Unique action and designs both the fish and the fishermen can't resist!

  • 100% made and painted by hand

  • 14 coats of polyurethane with glow

  • High quality brass eyelet and stainless steel rear cap

  • Sustainable plantation hardwood

100g 3.5 oz 7.7 in 196 mm
125g 4.4 oz 8.5 in 216 mm
150g 5.3 oz 8.9 in 226 mm

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