P21 Bet A Shiner 68SP - Shallow
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  • P21 Bet A Shiner 68SP - Shallow

P21 Bet A Shiner 68SP - Shallow

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Bet-A-Shiner is a very stable while active lure. Original body design combined with well-balanced wobbling&rolling results in unusual action capturing the attention of various kinds of predators. We recommend irregular line retrieving to open all attractive features of Bet-A-Shiner. Lip made of thin while durable fiberglass creates necessary level of frontal resistance. Thanks to this Bet-A-Shiner responds easy on any rod’s manipulation and keeps attractive lengthwise movements. Several metal balls locating along bottom part of Bet-A-Shiner from head till tail support excellent working balance of lure at any kind of manipulation. MFB System provides long and accurate casting. MFB System (Magnetic Force Balance). During casting the moving internal ball of MFB System moves to the tail of lure for achieving super-long casting distance. At line retrieving the ball is fixed with the magnet at the position, which provides excellent internal balance at any kinds of lure’s manipulation. Equipped with Owner trebles ST-36BC.

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